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Basic Distribution Deal


Basic Distribution Deal

A $1000 one time processing fee to set up a basic distribution deal.

Digital Distribution Only
Digital Distribution – for 1 Album
Digital Distribution – for 2 Singles
Digital Distribution to over 500 Partners
You must provide your own artwork
We provide UPC barcode for each project
We will promote your releases through our network
Song registration with Soundscan
Song registration with BDS
Song registration with Mediabase
Sell Music on iTunes™
Sell Music on Amazon
Sell Music on Facebook
Sell Music on Google Play
Get on Spotify

Step 1: We set up your distribution account.
Step 2: Review the music for your album.
Step 3: Build metadata, create spreadsheet, then upload music.
Step 4: 30-minute conference call to answer any questions.

Ask about our payment plans. Send inquires to:

NOTE: All music considered for distribution shall be subject to distributors recording quality discretion, and guidelines. All orders will be processed by, and made payable to Mac A Million Dollar Man Musick.

Item #BDD-04282013

Price $1000.00


Submission Instructions:

After the payment has been made, the upload box should appear on the same page under the transaction. Upload one zip file containing one photo, or pic, and up to 10 mp3’s  (128 bitrate). Select the number of songs you want to upload. Create a zip file if more than one song is going to the same opportunity. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the FAQ page. Typically we review songs within 72 hrs. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for a reply. Thank you for your submission!

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Basic Distribution Deal

Seeks: All Genres
Explicit Lyrics Accepted: Okay (radio edit required)
Instrumentals Accepted: Yes (Some samples okay)
Compensation: Publishing Deal, Royalties

Item #BDD-04282013

Price $1000.00

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