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Gold Package


Gold Package

Buy our Gold Level Strategy Package. This package is designed with independent record labels in mind, in particularly the ones who already have great recording artist, a band, or a hot production staff, who can produce hit radio singles on the spot. If that sounds like you, and you want a shot at promoting your music to millions of potential fans, while simultaneously being paid royalties for that promotion, get started today.

This package includes:

3 music contacts – $600
These contacts will work for any artist, no matter what genre  of music they may happen to do. Give yourself the potential opportunity to get a deal for your music in the United States, and companies all over the world.

30 music placement opportunities – $750 – Submit up 30 pieces of music for consideration, and we will select where they should go.

2 weeks of publishing assistance – $2000 – We will advise you on setting up a publishing company, registration, and administration!

1 hour consultation – $250 – A one on one with an experienced music business professional!

1 Home Page Video Feature – $200
A large feature on the Home Page – One of 3 spots available monthly to showcase your release or company and a fantastic place to showcase your video, or business.

3 Email Blasts
– $150
Your info sent out to all of our members. Includes CD cover, artwork or logo, video link, song download link, bio and more.

1 eBook – $29.95 – This eBook is chalked full of strategies and secret licensing techniques.

Good luck to you!


Item #SPG-12092010

Price $800.00


Submission Instructions:

After the payment has been made, the upload box should appear on the same page under the transaction. Upload three zip files containing up to 30 mp3’s  (128 bitrate). Select the number of songs you want to upload. Create a zip file if more than one song is going to the same opportunity. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the FAQ page. Typically we review songs within 72 hrs. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for a reply. Thank you for your submission!

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Gold Package

Gold Package includes:
3 music contacts
30 music placement opportunities
1 week of publishing assistance
1 hour phone consultation
1 Home Page Video Feature
3 Email Blasts
1 eBook

Item #SPG-12092010


Price $800.00

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